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How Scrubs Differ From One Another

For first-time buyers of scrubs, buying scrubs might seem straightforward. Not having paid attention to scrubs before, they think scrubs are just blue scrub tops and blue trousers. They're unaware of the details scrubs could have and settle for the most basic designs. Scrubs should be comfortable and should complement your body type. However for you to make the right choice of scrubs, you need to how varieties of scrubs differ from each other. They differ in

1. Price

This is usually the first thing to consider when you're about to buy scrubs. Scrubs differ according to their quality. High-quality fabrics generally cost more than low-quality ones and last longer. To learn more about quality, you can look for where to buy surgical scrubs online.

2. Colour

Scrubs come in more colors than the color blue. If your workplace doesn't have a color code, you have several options to choose from including brown, green, teal, grey, pink, and brown amongst others. Choosing your scrub color might be a way of showing a bit of personality in an otherwise dreary workplace.

3. Solid or Print Scrub Top

If your workplace has no color code, there's the option of having designs on your scrub top. It could be designed with artwork, your favorite superhero, or cute animal prints instead of having a solid color.

4. Necklines

There are 4 neckline designs when making scrubs: V neck, round neck, square neck, and mock wrap. Depending on body type and gender, different necklines complement people differently. The option of different necklines affords you the choice of looking stylish while still wearing scrubs. So you get to look good while doing what you love best. To see these designs, you can search for surgical scrubs online or where to buy women's scrub tops online.

5. Side Slits

These are gaps at the bottom of the scrub top. They help to prevent stress fraying and increase the range of movements. Scrubs also differ by the position of these gaps or slits. To see a pictorial representation of this, you could check where to buy women's scrub tops online.


There's more to scrubs than everyday office wear. The job of a medical professional can be very tiring and sometimes, a little depressing. While scrubs may differ, you can make sure your scrubs exude a bit of personality while still being comfortable is one way to lift the mood.

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