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Top Qualities of Good Scrub Uniforms

For a piece of clothing that would be worn every day, it's important to choose one that does its job well and wouldn't be a source of discomfort while one works those long shifts. Fabric is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing scrubs. Certain qualities make certain fabrics more suitable for the job and more efficient. These qualities include:

Antimicrobial Quality

If there's anything anybody knows about hospitals, it's that they're a hub for germs like bacteria and viruses. While there's not much one can do in terms of fabrics against most viruses, there's a certain degree of precautions one can take regarding bacteria and the more common viruses. Certain fabrics have been infused with antimicrobial agents giving them antimicrobial qualities. If you're unsure of where to get scrubs of this quality, you could use a search engine to search where to buy scrub uniforms for doctors online or if you're a nurse, you can search for where to buy nursing scrubs in Canada online.

Resistance To Fluids

Accidents are possible, and so is the possibility of spills. Moreover, one comes into contact with body fluids while working increasing the possibility of being infected with diseases. It's important to choose a fabric that is resistant to fluids and can prevent the skin from coming in contact with fluids that might have gotten on the scrubs. Scrubs that are highly resistant to fluids contain high-density polyester and carbon fibers. Solid phenolic fibers are also fluid-resistant and are choices to include when making scrubs. To get scrubs with this quality, you could simply search for "buy nursing scrubs in Canada online" to get a suitable scrubs store

Colour Retaining Fabric

Because of the thorough cleaning processes that scrubs have to go through to get rid of germs, there's the risk of them losing the vibrancy of their colors and them becoming faded fast. This is why one must also take into consideration the ability of the fabric being used for the scrub to retain colors. Certain materials like polyester are resistant to fading and take a long period before becoming faded. To get more information about fabric like this, you can search for buy scrub uniforms for doctors online.


While you are out to get scrubs, remember it's not only about how they look but how suitable they are for your workplace. Cheers to looking our best while we do our best to treat our patients.

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